Gadag is one of the clusters formed by Industree Foundation. Gadag is well known for Handloom Weaving in India. When Industree intervened it found there was huge number of artisans working in their homes. Since they were working independently they could not invest resources for getting raw material on their own. They used to depend on middleman for supply of raw material and wages. This led to their over dependency and economic exploitation.

Erode is recognized as one of the hubs of handloom weaving in India. The traditional skill of handloom weaving has been passed down from one generation to other. In recent past, handloom sector has been facing tough competition from power loom and synthetic fabric. This led to decline of weaving tradition and large scale migration of weavers in search of alternate livelihoods.

The Manapad Palm Leaf Weavers Society comprised of 300 women members who made low cost fibre products like palm leaf trays and shopping baskets for tourists. Industree started work with them in 1996 and visually transformed their products with the use of solid colour. To reinforce the wear and tear of the product they also introduced stronger weaves. Industree also extended the range of the product by adding utility items like dustbins, storage boxes and laundry bins giving them a fashionable and contemporary edge. The results were immediately visible with a jump in sales.

India is the largest banana producing nation and has tremendous scope in promoting allied production as a rural livelihood. Padavedu in Vellore was identified as a region rich in banana cultivation and Industree trained and developed a cluster with the help of Sreenivasan Trust to produce banana bark yarn. During peak production the group is able to produce 10 lakh meters a month. This has pushed up the income of over 100 women by Rs1800 (US$42.80) per month.

Global companies are looking to source vast quantities of banana bark home accessories and furniture from India.

ICPL started work with Veeravannalur mat weaving society in 2000. It received a large order from Japan, for a large quantity of bags made from 80 count mat, made actually by weavers at Killimangalam in Kerala. But knowing that in Killimangalam, there were only 5, 6 practising weavers, it was obvious the order would have to be moved to an area with more weavers. Hence a visit to the area and a chat with the secretary of the society, Mr. Fakir Moiddin.

Supervisor, Bangalore Greenkraft Producer Company (BGK)

 “My dream is to see my 12 year-old son go to college and become a successful engineer. Everything I earn I spend on his education. He is my future!”

I was born and brought up in Bangalore. A few years after my marriage my husband was diagnosed with paralysis in one leg and became handicapped. Being the sole breadwinner, I started providing for my family by working in a mobile solutions company. The long working hours and rigorous work at the factory proved challenging.