“SMARKI SELF HELP GROUP” is one of the groups based in Malud village, Puri District, Orissa. Industree Foundation has mobilized people in Hubasahi village in 2009-10 and submitted a proposal to the Government for Design Intervention Programs. The proposal got sanctioned after almost two years and Industree went in to conduct the program. Most of the young artisans had left their traditional craft. But since the program was sanctioned for that village, other old women were called to participate and design workshop was conducted from 27th Jan to 10th Feb 2012. Since the participants were in the age group of above 45, they were not interested to do production.

During the same time, Industree had approached DM India for Gap Mitigation Grant for incubation of units in Orissa, Rajasthan and Bihar. With this grant, Industree selected other young artisans from nearby Malud village who were practicing traditional palm leaf craft and trained them in developing better designs. The artisans were constantly engaged with, a shed was rented and production started. Simultaneously, Industree also worked towards developing leadership ability and trained Sridhar for taking responsibility, problem solving, adapting to requirements of market and managing production activities.

After a year now, Sridhar has been able to stabilize Malud unit and has set up one more unit in Patna village. 30 artisans are working with him and he is able to do production worth 75000/- every month and ensuring artisans get fair wages and deliver quality product. From January 2013 onwards, he has been put on commission basis. Before that Industree was paying him monthly salary from DM Grant.