Team Leader, Sunrise (SHG) and Tailor, EKTA
  • My dream is to become a Supervisor”

I was born and raised in Bangalore. After completing my 10th grade, I took up a vocational course in tailoring. Through my course I got a job at a garment manufacturing company. I heard about Industree Foundation and EKTHA Apparel Producer Company through some women in my home area. I was in awe about the culture and joined the company 2 years back. At EKTHA, I have received training in creative garments manufacturing, where I have learnt how to stitch the collar and do the complete finishing of the product.

I really enjoy working at EKTHA because there are fixed working hoursand I am able to use the drop and pick up transportation service provided by the company. A few years ago my husband and I decided to buy our own home. The SHG saving program helped me in acquiring a loan for the down payment of my house. Today we are homeowners and are earning money by renting out the house we bought.

As the team leader of Sunrise SHG, I have several responsibilities. I help the group members in improving their efficiency. I also facilitate the loan process and assist members financially wherever I can. I have seen myself grow significantly in these 2 years. My husband also supports my work and is grateful that the SHG provided us money for the loan of our house.

I have a 9 year-old son who goes to school. I am currently saving money as I want him to become a pilot.. All my savings are forhis education ina good college.

In the future, I want to become a Supervisor.