Connecting the Dots: Inclusive Grassroots Entrepreneurship

Roundtable Discussion on Models for Scaling up the non Farm - Creative Manufacturing sector as a means of Inclusive Growth in India

Industree Foundation, in partnership with Womanity Foundation, AIACA and Labornet is organizing a Round table discussion on 5 th July 2016 at New Delhi with key industry experts and government representatives for a high- powered brainstorming session on inclusive entrepreneurship for the creative manufacturing sector. The resulting recommendations will then be shared with Shri Rajesh Pratap Rudy, Minister, Skills and Entrepreneurship and Shri Amitabh Kant, CEO Niti Aayog.

Technology and mechanization have resulted in a shrinking market for artisans working with their own hands, to a point where survival has depended on either highly localized price sensitive economies or very niche markets that support few players.

The non-farm creative manufacturing sector currently accounts for 2% of global market share, inspite of having the largest numbers in the world.  This sector faces a crisis of imagination for leveraging the wealth of craftsmanship embedded in communities while operating in a modern economy. Recent innovations in technology have lowered minimum efficient scales for profitability, increased direct access to markets withchanging consumer preferences fuellinga greater interest in individual product narratives. These trends if harnessed can deliver higher value directly to grassroots entrepreneurs in the creative manufacturing sector without waiting for trickle-down economics to work.

Many barriers still exist in increasing the productivity and income of creative entrepreneurs at the grassroots. Thislargely informal and traditionalsector, suffers from a lack of access to up-to-date inputs like design, training, and market information.  It lacks the supporting ecosystem that mainstream manufacturing takes for granted like efficient logistics, reliable inputs (constant electricity, water etc) and formalized access to finance.  The Government has attempted to address several of these barriers, but need more co-ordination to properly realize synergies. Importantly, private sector players need to be leveraged to a greater extent to ensure the sectoris demand led..

Roundtable discussion would be geared towards identifying successful models of action to scale entrepreneurship in the non-farm creative sector leveraging government.  It will analyze social sector and private sector efforts, propose effective deployment mechanisms and discuss policy drivers to enable enterprise growth, which will be crucial for job creation at the base of the pyramid at scale.